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6 Jewelry Box Manufacturers in the U.S: The Difference Between Manufacture and Design

Nashville Wraps

Recycled paper and biodegradable materials are only two of the eco-friendly jewelry box alternatives available from this company, which is well-known for their packaging. Their eco-friendly goods are also highly aesthetically beautiful and useful for sustainability-focused brands (Nashville Wraps).

Box Brokers Group

Box Brokers Group specializes on upscale custom jewelry boxes and provides a large selection of materials and designs, including metal, wood, and leather. Their designs are frequently quite elegant and appropriate for upscale jewelry companies; they are particularly good at luxury and original designs (JPB Box).

Allure Packaging

Basic cardboard boxes to opulent wood and leather boxes are among the many colors and materials that Allure Packaging offers. Their jewelry boxes satisfy a range of clients and are not only exquisitely crafted but also incredibly useful (Allurepack).

American Box Company

American Box Company is a renowned manufacturer of fine handmade jewelry boxes, particularly those made of wood and metal, that blend traditional workmanship with contemporary design. Customers that respect elegance and robustness will find their items appropriate (American Box).

Brimar Packaging

Jewellery boxes in all sizes and forms are among the highly customised packing services provided by this organization. Their attention to detail and capacity to offer bespoke design and printing services catered to the particular requirements of their clients make them an ideal choice for companies in need of a distinctive brand identity (Brimar Packaging USA).

Packaging Specialties

carries a wide range of jewelry boxes in several hues and materials. Prominent for their adaptable customizing services, they can create distinctive jewelry boxes according to the branding requirements of their customers, which makes them perfect for small to medium-sized jewelry companies (Packaging Specialties).

JINYU Jewellery boxes manufacturer

JINYU Custom Jewellery boxes Packaging Manufacturer is not an American company. Still, JINYU serves as a one-stop shop for all aspects of production as a professional supplier of custom jewellery boxes, specializing in custom high-end jewellery boxes. Their custom jewellery packaging boxes are also solid compared to American companies. JINYU’s product line includes many high-grade materials and unique designs for companies looking to improve their brand image through packaging (JINYU Jewellery Box manufacturer).


Each of these firms offers a wide variety of alternatives for jewellery businesses in producing and designing jewellery box packaging. These benefits range from eco-friendly materials to cutting-edge design and upscale customizing services. The particular requirements, positioning, and marketing plan of the brand should choose the packaging business to choose.


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