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Unique, Soft,Classic,Vintage,Custom Velvet Jewelry Box Sharing

Advantages of Plastic hinge Jewelry Box Fabrication

Unique Style

Jin Yu Package Offer below velvet boxes for you. Hexagon velvet jewelry box. Oval velvet jewelry box. Octagon Velvet jewlery box. Square velvet jewelry box Rectangle Velvet jewelry box Round velvet jewelry box.

Soft touch and protect jewelry well

We supplied velvet jewelry box made By soft velvet, Suede,Microfiber,then can protect jewelry well without scratches and oxidation

Easy Professing

"We manufacture velvet jewelry boxes using stretchable velvet, whether it's for rectangular or irregular-shaped jewelry boxes, this elastic velvet can easily accommodate them."

Luxury Packaging

"The velvet jewelry box perfectly breaks away from the stereotypical impression of traditional jewelry boxes. Its appearance is sleek and modern, with a fine layer of velvet on the surface. The delicate texture provides a luxurious feel at first touch."

Material Selection

“JIN YU Package manufactures various jewelry boxes using different materials. You can choose from velvet, imitation suede, super suede, satin, cotton, and here are some details about a few:


Velvet: Velvet jewelry packaging, with its natural advantages, is soft and flexible. Its surface appearance can be adjusted, providing natural protection for jewelry.


Imitation Suede: A trendy material with softness, thin thickness, and a certain elasticity, making it suitable for irregular-shaped jewelry boxes.


Satin: An ancient and charming material, satin fabric comes in glossy and matte finishes, suitable for various styles of jewelry boxes.


Cotton Linen: An eco-friendly material used for vintage jewelry packaging.


Super Suede: A recent popular high-end material that is 100% eco-friendly, luxurious to the touch, and has a simulated leather effect. It is commonly used for packaging diamond jewelry or fine jewelry.”

Production Steps

“JIN YU Package has complete control over the entire production process, from the initial production to the assembly and packaging of jewelry boxes. We can produce velvet jewelry boxes in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Here are the processing steps for velvet jewelry boxes:


Adhesive Placement: Apply adhesive to the back of the velvet.

Material Cutting: Cut the material into individual pieces.

Logo Attachment: Attach the logo.

Assembling: Assemble the pieces.

Cleaning and Packaging: Clean and pack the finished products.

We are equipped to handle both small and large production runs for velvet jewelry packaging boxes. Our team will select the appropriate processes to meet your requirements.”

Velvet jewelry box shape recommend

“Velvet jewelry boxes come in various styles and shapes, including Round, Hexagon, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Two doors, and Octagonal. We are committed to customizing velvet jewelry boxes in different sizes and shapes to meet our customers’ preferences.”

Why Choose Jin Yu Package Custom Velvet Jewelry box

“JIN YU Packaging produces a variety of high-quality velvet jewelry boxes to suit different budget needs. Whether you’re looking for lightweight, simple, vintage, or luxurious velvet jewelry boxes, we’ve got you covered. Our engineers ensure the use of 100% environmentally friendly materials during the production process. Through a combination of innovation and new production techniques, we deliver high-quality velvet jewelry boxes. If you have any questions or would like to place a trial order, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team is ready to assist you at any time.”。