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Advantages Of Drawstring jewelry Pouch & Bags

High quality Recommend

JIN YU Package offers a jewelry drawstring pouch made from premium quality materials. It can be velvet,suede,leather,satin,cotton,Organza , microfiber ,etc

Short Lead time

Jin Yu Package Factory manufacturing customized jewelry pouch within 10-15days.

Economical cost

Because we have been producing jewelry bags for some brand customers all year round, our workers have sufficient advantages to match your requirements

Save Space

Except the paper fold paper box, the drawstring pouch will help you save many stocking space and without any damaged if removed or keep the long time in your warehouse.

Unique design

Flap Jewelry pouch.

Drawstring pouch.

Flap jewelry pouch with button.

Flap jewelry pouch with magnetic.

Tote bags.

Die-cutting Different Shape for Jewelry Pouch

“Engineers at JIN YU Packaging will create customized cutting molds based on the size and shape of the velvet bag. The material will then be cut into individual pieces for easy sewing by the workers.”

Stitiching The Pouch following as the Samples

“After completing the cutting of the fabric pieces, workers will silk-screen or hot stamp the customer’s logo at the specified location on each piece. This ensures that each logo retains its color and alignment. The pieces are then handed over to our experienced workers for large-scale sewing.”

About Jin Yu Package Mission

“JIN YU PACKAGE is a leading supplier of velvet pouches in China, offering comprehensive packaging solutions and services for jewelry, promotional gifts, and more. Our services include material recommendations for velvet pouches, process improvements in production, and packaging and shipping solutions. With a focus on quality and professionalism, we are committed to providing your business with the best packaging solutions. From initial design to final production, JIN YU ensures transparency, sharing every step of our production process with you. We specialize in efficiently designing and producing custom velvet pouches tailored to your unique requirements and applications.”