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“Jin Yu Packaging offers a wide range of high-quality wooden jewelry packaging boxes for your selection. Our collection includes glossy and matte finishes, square, rectangular, and unique shapes, among other high-end wooden jewelry packaging boxes. Moreover, the logos on these wooden jewelry packaging boxes can be made using metal logos, engraved logos, silk-screened logos, etc. Wooden jewelry packaging boxes undergo complex processing, have longer production cycles, and possess irreplaceable qualities, making them a popular choice for high-end and luxury jewelry packaging.”

Luxury Wooden Paint Jewelry box Sharing.

Advantage Of Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Wooden board thickness

We offer asked FSC certificate wooden board supplied the wooden board 3MM 5mm 9mm 15mm thickness

High quality material Recommend

We typically produce wooden jewelry boxes using two different types of wooden boards: MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) and natural wood boards.

Hard & Luxury

"Wooden boxes, compared to other packaging materials, have a more substantial feel. With a glossy surface finish, appropriate decoration, and carving, they enhance the likelihood of repeat purchases."

The preferred packaging for luxury items and collectibles

"Wooden jewelry boxes, with their unique structure and intricate production process, have become a preferred choice for collectibles, luxury items, and high-end jewelry packaging due to their long production cycle."

Wooden Jewelry box production step.

“Different sizes and shapes of wooden jewelry boxes have varying thickness and materials. The engineers at JIN YU Packaging will select high-quality wood boards based on the size and shape of the wooden box to produce premium wooden jewelry boxes. These boxes can also be crafted from solid wood, leveraging its unique natural grain patterns, making it the preferred choice for luxury packaging.”

Matte & Glossy Paint

“The surface spray painting process is crucial in the production of wooden boxes, as the quality of the paint determines the overall box quality. Our commonly used spray painting techniques for wooden box surfaces include:

1. Matte Paint

2. Matte Paint

3. Natural Wooden Texture.”

Wooden Jewelry box

“The styles and shapes of wooden jewelry boxes are diverse, including options such as round, hexagon, oval, square, rectangle, two-door, and octagonal wooden jewelry boxes.”

Why Choose Jin Yu Package Custom Wooden Jewelry Box Supplier

“JIN YU Packaging specializes in customizing various high-quality solid wood and MDF painted jewelry boxes to accommodate different procurement budgets. Whether you need luxurious, retro, or minimalist wooden jewelry boxes, we have you covered. Our engineers inspect and use 100% eco-friendly materials during production, combining innovative craftsmanship to deliver high-quality wooden jewelry boxes. If you have any questions or would like to place a trial order, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team is ready to assist you at any time.”