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Advantages of Paper Jewelry Box Fabrication

Environmentally Friendly material

Jin Yu Packaging produces paper jewelry boxes, typically using gray cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper, and copperplate paper supplied by FSC-certified paperboard suppliers.

Easy manufacturing

Jin Yu Packaging can produce 250,000 paper jewelry boxes with lid and base each month, meeting various customers' demands for fast shipping of packaging.

No Size Limit

The paper box can be manufacured in small size,mid size,large size without size limit.


Due to the low cost of raw materials, quick production cycles, and no mold setup costs, paper jewelry boxes have gained widespread popularity in the market, leveraging their unique cost advantages.

Material selection

“JIN YU Packaging specializes in the production of rigid cardboard jewelry boxes, kraft paper jewelry boxes, copperplate paper jewelry boxes, specialty paper jewelry boxes, wood pulp paper jewelry boxes, single-pit paper jewelry boxes, and more. These jewelry boxes made from different materials play various roles in the production process, complemented by different manufacturing techniques. The engineers at JINYU Packaging, considering material compatibility and production techniques, collaborate with you to explore and select the highest-quality materials, ensuring the production of aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective paper jewelry packaging.”

Material die-cutting before assembling

Due to the diverse box shapes of paper jewelry boxes, our expertise in manufacturing includes the following, allowing us to produce various paper jewelry boxes:

Die Cutting – Using computer graphics, we break down the jewelry box into multiple components. JIN YU’s engineers then use a laser plate-making machine to create the required cutting dies for each component.

Paper Cutting Machine – The materials needed for the paper jewelry box are cut into different-sized pieces.

Die Cutting Machine – Different-sized pieces are cut into individual components through a die-cutting machine.”

Bulk production

“Jin Yu Packaging has 2 fully automated production lines for paper jewelry boxes, with a daily production capacity of 20,000 pieces. This enables us to quickly meet customers’ urgent packaging needs.”

Why Choose Jin Yu Package to Your Customized Paper Jewelry Box

“JIN YU PACKAGE offers customized services for paper jewelry boxes in various materials and sizes. With 20 years of business development, we have established consistency in the production of paper jewelry boxes, cardboard jewelry boxes, copperplate paper jewelry boxes, and corrugated paper jewelry boxes, adhering to strict quality standards such as FAMA and BSCM. Our products have earned the trust of our esteemed customers.

For more information about JIN YU PACKAGE’s manufacturing capabilities for paper jewelry boxes, please contact us immediately or request a quote.”