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Regarding gift packaging, gift boxes are undoubtedly one of the most essential and standard forms. As an efficient packaging method, gift boxes provide perfect protection for jewelry, accessories, holiday gifts, and more and give skills a more attractive and appealing appearance.

Choosing an appropriate gift box style is essential to stand out in product packaging design. Before that, it’s important to understand some common box styles in product packaging design. Gift boxes come in various types, including top and bottom combinations, lid and base structures, embedded box styles, hinged boxes that open from the left or right, and book-style boxes that wrap around, among others. These box styles form the basic structure of gift boxes; within this framework, you can create a wide variety of box designs. Let’s delve into the charm of gift boxes and discuss the advantages of each subcategory of gift boxes.

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The production process for a paper gift packaging box typically involves several steps

Creating the Cardboard Frame

The foundation of a paper gift box is the cardboard frame. This frame determines the shape and size of the box. It’s usually composed of multiple panels, including a base, a lid, and four side panels. These panels are folded and glued together to form a three-dimensional box. Various materials can be used for the cardboard frame, with common choices being chipboard, corrugated cardboard, or greyboard, depending on the desired weight-bearing capacity and support for the contents.

Surface Printing and Decoration

Once the cardboard frame forms the basic box structure, the surface of the gift box is often printed and decorated to enhance its visual appeal and personalize it. Printing can include brand logos, patterns, and may involve techniques like embossing, debossing, hot stamping with gold or silver foil, UV coating, silk-screen printing, and more. These techniques help improve the box’s aesthetics and make it more visually appealing.


Decorative Elements (Magnetic, Ribbon, Closures)

High-end paper gift boxes often include decorative elements like magnetic closures, ribbons, locks, buttons, zippers, or tassels. These are added to secure the lid and base of the box, making it both attractive and easy to open and close. These decorative elements can enhance the overall presentation of the gift box.

Interior Lining Material

To enhance the texture and protect the contents of the gift box, an interior lining material is often used. This material can be colored paper, velvet, sponge, EVA foam, thermoformed plastic, or other suitable options. The choice of lining material depends on the desired look and protection required for the items inside the box.


Paper gift box type

Paper gift boxes are just one of the many branches of gift boxes. There can be many choices when it comes to different styles of paper gift boxes. JIN YU PACKAGE and its designers continuously innovate and introduce unique gift box styles to cater to various occasions and different gift needs.

Lid & Bottom Paper Gift Box

This is a simple yet elegant type of paper gift box with a cover and a bottom with an easy-to-open design. Top & bottom paper gift boxes are often made from high-quality cardboard and feature stylish printing, making them suitable for various gift packaging needs. They are an excellent choice to make gifts more appealing.

Magnetic Closure Paper Gift Box

The magnetic closure box is famous for its premium feel and minimalist appearance. Crafted from exquisite cardboard, it includes a magnetic clasp at the opening for easy access. These magnetic boxes provide elegant packaging for gifts and add a touch of luxury.


Window Paper Gift Box

The window paper gift box is designed to showcase the gift with a transparent window on the box’s surface, allowing the contents to be visible. This design adds visual appeal to the present, enabling recipients to appreciate the gift’s beauty in advance. Whether fine jewelry or cute toys, window boxes add a unique charm.

Slider & Drawer Paper Gift Box

The drawer box is a unique and clever paper gift box resembling a small drawer containing a special surprise. Typically, it consists of two parts: the outer box and the inner drawer. When opened, the drawer smoothly slides out, revealing the gift to the recipient. This unique design adds an element of mystery and joy to gift-giving and receiving.


Paper Folder Gift Box

The paper folder gift box is an innovative form of gift packaging. Its intricate craftsmanship and unique folding design allow it to save space when flat, making transportation and storage easy. When unfolded, the box presents a sophisticated appearance, accommodating various gift sizes and making it a preferred choice for businesses and consumers.

Corrugated Paper Box

  1. Corrugated paper boxes are primarily made from corrugated cardboard, offering excellent cushioning and compression resistance. They can be surface printed and decorated to enhance product attractiveness. Standard printing techniques include offset printing and silk-screen printing. Corrugated boxes can be folded as needed for transportation and storage, with low production costs, especially in large-scale production, reducing per-box costs.

Production process of paper gift boxes




Glossy & Matte lamination


Cardboard / paper board die-cutting


Foil hot staping