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What are the common printing processes for gift boxes?

We have seen the gift box packaging, which is very beautiful, packaged in a special pattern and with a faint golden light. When the hand touches it, the feel is also very good. The whole look has a senior texture. Do you know why the gift box surface will show such an effect? Today, professional gift box packaging manufacturers introduce the gift box, which commonly uses four kinds of printing processes.

customized watch gift box

Embossing: The embossing process deforms the surface of the gift box by using a mould with concave and convex patterns to form a certain pattern under certain pressure and temperature. Different textures can bring different decorative art effects to the surface of the gift box.

For example, the surface of the tea gift box used to display tea can be decorated with a freshwater pattern, such as embossing. Tea gives the feeling that its fragrance is fresh and elegant.

 A freshwater pattern with the appropriate colour combination looks sleek and simple, highlighting the temperament of the tea products. This increases the beauty and added value of the product. It also makes the gift box more attractive and aesthetic.

UV: The UV process relies on ultraviolet radiation drying curing ink process. It is now the most commonly used printing process. It is used in the production of gift box packaging. The gift box surface will have a layer of bright oil and a very smooth texture, adding the surface of a three-dimensional sense and sense of seniority, and the product’s value is instantly enhanced.

UV printing has a short production cycle, clear printing dots, and strong corrosion resistance. It is very conducive to the rapid circulation of the gift box production and enhances the quality of the gift box.

Foil stamping: The foil stamping process involves using a certain pressure and temperature. The printed materials and stamping plate are placed in a template under combined pressure. Through heating and the application of foil, the printed materials are embossed with gold patterns and text.

In the packaging design of gift boxes, designers often use the hot stamping process for brand logos and important information; the hot stamping process can highlight the key points so that consumers can see the product information at a glance and deepen the impression of the hot stamping after the overall look of the gift box is very high-end atmosphere.

Even if the gift box does not use complicated colours and elements, a simple hot stamping process can immediately improve the overall level, which is a very fast way to enhance the effect of gift box packaging. The hot stamping process also has printing material characteristics that are not limited; many materials can be used for hot stamping printing.

Laminating: Laminating is the most basic printing process. It refers to the transparent plastic film laminated to the gift box’s surface through hot pressure so that the gift box looks very glossy to enhance the product’s texture and packaging effect. At the same time, after lamination, the surface pressure, resistance, and abrasion resistance will be improved. It can increase the quality of gift boxes and protect the goods better.


The above four kinds of printing process gift boxes are widely used, which can make the gift box packaging look advanced and endowed with texture. The printing process enrichesenriches the texture of the gift box increases and increases the added value of the product; the consumer will see beautiful packaging, and the product itself will have a good feeling to achieve the intended goal of the use of the printing process with good-looking and attractive packaging to capture the hearts and pockets of consumers. Reach a deal.


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